Combina su creatividad con el amor por los libros y conquista Instagram

El joven de 24 años James Trevino, ha convertido su pasión por los libros en arte y está triunfando en Instagram con sus creativas imágenes.


Él mismo, que se autodenomina como «bookstagrammer», que sería algo similar a los «booktubers», que son los youtubers que hablan de libros en la plataforma de videos.

Tervino por su parte está fomentando el hábito de la lectura de una manera original y llena de fantasía, interactuando con sus seguidores sobre las distintas obras literarias y creando composiciones y escenas elaboradas que hacen alusión a grandes novelas como «Juego de Tronos» o «Harry Potter», que son muy populares entre el público y los amantes de la cultura pop.

En su cuenta de Instagram los seguidores aumentan día a día en la red social de las imágenes y ya supera las 180 mil.

«Al principio estaba publicando fotos de mis lecturas actuales. Con el tiempo, las fotos se volvieron más y más complejas, influenciadas principalmente por la cultura pop y, a veces, por ciertas imágenes que veía en Instagram «, contó a Bored Panda sobre cómo empezó con sus creaciones.

Y detalló el proceso creativo que da lugar a sus impresionantes composiciones, revelando que lo hace junto con una amiga y «si el concepto resulta ser demasiado complejo para capturarlo en una sola toma, combinamos dos o más fotos en la edición final».

Calcula que cuenta con más de mil, pero asegura que la cifra aumenta constantemente.

Aquí puedes ver alguna de sus originales creaciones:

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What is the funniest book you’ve ever read/the one that made you laugh the most? 📚 I am not one for humor in books (as you can see by my painful attempt to smile in this photo😂). I prefer them dark and serious and grim and sad af. But from time to time a book or a series gets to me through it’s pure sense of fun. 📚 I decided to make this post because I am currently rereading The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan in order to have it all fresh in mind for when I start The Trials of Apollo (of which I’ve read only the first book). Now, as you might know, I have huge issues with the last book in the HoO series (which, coincidentally, I just started rereading today). And the first book in the Apollo series didn’t really impress me either (I think I have reviews on Goodreads for them if anyone is interested to know more). The idea that someone might have manipulated Kronos (who is one of my all time favorite villains) in starting a war is ridiculous to me. But who knows? In Uncle Rick we trust. 📚 Anyway, Riordan’s books are some of the most hilarious I’ve ever put my eyes on. They are blast of fun from beginning to the end and have become some of my all time favorites. But I am always in search for something new. So, any ideas? 📚 As always, I hope your day is/was great! Stay funny! 📑 📑 📑 #reading #bookaddict #instabooks #booklover #booklove #shelfie #bookshelf #read #art #smile #ax_caption #kitaplık #theweekoninstagram #percyjackson #شعر #puisi #heroesofolympus #pjo #rickriordan #thetrialsofapollo #книголюб #творчество #художник #вдохновение #искусство

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How do you deal with down/unhappy/stressful days/times? 📚 No worries, I won’t make this post into a sad story. But I think it is important to talk about the unseen part of social media. Of course, when it comes to online life you try to portray yourself in the best light possible because that is what most people want to see. 📚 That being said, life has ups and downs. And I do believe that sometimes honesty is the best course of action. To be clear, I am not talking about downright depression here. That is a whole different kind of beast that I have dealt with for years in the past (and that requires way more than a talk to get through). 📚 What I am talking about is the stress/anxiety that builds up day by day and that you don’t talk about. The one that is slowly eating at you if you are like me: namely someone who stresses a lot haha. I worry about every little thing because I am a perfectionist (and no, I don’t think that is a compliment to anyone – being a perfectionist SUCKS in 99% of the time). It is like my brain can’t chill. When I say I don’t want to live without books I mean it. Books (and movies, and animes) allow me to escape. And I feel I need that more than most people. 📚 Regarding today’s pic, I know I just had a Harry Potter themed post only a few days ago. But I really felt the need to talk about this subject today and I thought Dementors and my uberamazing Expecto Patronum spell (😂) are a great parallel to anxiety and the solutions to it. I also want to mention that this pic was inspired by the amazing art of @joelrobison . If you don’t already know about his page you should really check it out. 📚 Yep, we finally came to the end of this endless caption haha. I really want to thank all of you who read my blubbering captions every time I post. It really means a lot. Stay funny, guys! 📑 📑 📑 #reading #read #books #sundayfunday #bookstagram #harrypotterforever #harrypotter #slytherin #hufflepufft #ravenclaw #gryffindor #anxiety #itgetsbetter #depression #muitoamor #booknerdigans #lifestyle #whpcircles #bookish #ilovebooks #poetry #igwriters #artistsofinstagram #flatlay #leseratte

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What is your Hogwarts house? 📚 I think I asked this question back when our family was under 50K. And then a few weeks back I did a sort ‘get to know me’ thing on Story where I had a poll and a lot of people seem to think I am a Gryffindor. Well, this post should make it clear that I am Slytherin and proud.🐍👿😂 📚 Other than, my Monday was pretty decent. I know that I say that a lot and some of you might think: James, we don’t care, we only come here for your books and cats! And I agree, those are the main attractions. But hey, it was an uneventful day so I have an excuse.😂 📚 Hope your day was awesome! James out! 📑 📑 📑 #slytherinpride #slytherin #write #hogwarts #harrypotter #book #pottermore #bookstagram #gryffindor #instareads #adoberisingstars #lifestyleblog #honar_doostan #lettura #booktime #whalar #feelfreefeed #wizardingworldofharrypotter #harrypotterfandom #bookgram #potterheads #harrypotterfan #fantasticbeasts #jkrowling #bookstagrammer

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What is your favorite book when it comes to classics? 📚 I have this old kids edition of Moby Dick that my grandpa used to read to me as a kid. And the cover is just amazingly illustrated. Every time I went past it I thought of recreating it in one of my pics but for some reason the idea of it always seemed a bit daunting. Alas, finally, here it is. Not an exact recreation – working with books has it’s limitations. 📚 Anyway, how is your week going? Anything fun yet? 📑 📑 📑 #mobydick #classicliterature #literature #culturacolectiva #enter.imagination #expofilm #flatlay #fromabove #culture #reading #read #books #gymlife #epicreads #epic #euamoler #czytambolubię #artists #theweekoninstagram #poetsofinstagram #booklove #writersnetwork #booktag #booktube #lifestyleblog

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GIVEAWAY CLOSED! 📚 For this Giveaway we joined with @thewritinginstitute . One lucky winner will win these 5 books: 1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling 2. Swing Time by Zadie Smith 3. Into the Water by Paula Hawkins 4. The Fire Sermon by Francesca Haig 5. Sour Heart by Jenny Zhang 📚 To enter, follow the instructions below: •LIKE this photo •FOLLOW @thewritinginstitute •FOLLOW @james_trevino •FOLLOW @elizabeth_sagan •TAG 5 friends in separate comments 📚 The giveaway ends Wednesday, August 8, at 12PM EET. The winner will be announced on our story the following day. Instagram is not affiliated with this contest. BEST OF LUCK, EVERYONE! 📑 📑 📑 #reading #read #goodreads #giveaway #giveaways #books #bookgiveaway #gameofthrones #daenerystargaryen #targaryen #dragon #ilovereading #fromabove #jonsnow #harrypotter #hogwarts #fantasyart #literatura #picoftheday #writersofig #booksofinstagram #booklove #artistic_unity_ #lifestyleblog #booknerd

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What position would you play in your Hogwarts Quidditch team? 📚 I would definitely be a Seeker. As you can see, I have mad skillz, yo! Actually, I would probably not play at all cuz I have issues with heights… I mean, just the idea of being suspended up there, with my ass on a stick is insane to me… oops, that came out wrong, but you know what I mean!🙈 #WHPlookup 📚 But on a more important note: OMFG, the new Fantastic Beats: The Crimes of Grindelwald trailer should drop in about 2 hours or so! I need that trailer in my life now!!! 📚 How is your weekend going, guys? On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your week? Mine was an 8 I think. I read 5 freakin books this past few days, which is insane for my slow reading pace. 📑 📑 📑 #quidditch #harrypotter #read #bookart #hogwarts #slytherin #gryffindor #hufflepuff #ravenclaw #goldensnitch #fantasticbeasts #reading #thecrimesofgrindelwald #fantasticbeaststhecrimesofgrindelwald #grindelwald #dumbledore #newtscamander #book #本スタグラム #読了#読書記録 #booknerdigans #ler #leer #bookishlove #writersofinstagram #poetryofinstagram #artistsoninstagram

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